From heartbreaking confessions , to brooding instrumentals, to robots in space all the way to a bonus parody.

The Anti-Plan spans Koopa Nut's broad, eclectic and kaleidoscopic sound. 

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Koopa Nut started in music by self looping instrumentals and creating parodies of contemporary hip-hop tunes to some local notoriety. After establishing Adventures Of... and Preciptoman with Bernard James, Koopa Nut has not forgotten his roots in ridicule, but now looks to express and convey more serious sentiments with his music and artistic exploits.

Having studied Creative Music Technology, KP continues to produce and arrange original tracks that feed from influences from every colour of the sonic rainbow. He released his first solo album "The Anti Plan" in 2011, a collection of various musical works including parody, instrumental and experimental pieces.

Over recent years he has focussed more on poetry, while popping up as a featured artist on a number of records and releasing an occasional track of his own to his Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages along the way.

Equality and community are running themes through KP's creative ventures, and he has recently completed a BA Hons in Creative Writing and Human Rights, however he still ensures to interlace these subjects with a sweet sense of irony with his tongue often nestled firmly in his cheek.

A keen and able DJ his experiences have seen him play (amongst many other places) residential slots at prestigious british art venues, utilising his spectrum of tricks and effects with music ranging from 50's Rock 'n Roll, Hip-hop and Soul to contemporary alternate electro-jazz.

In 2013 Pete co-launched Paper Cuts Radio with Bernard James, and they now host two shows a month on K2K Radio, playing choice tunes and critically reflecting on the music that inspires them, interviewing notable talent and promoting intelligent hip-hop and original poetry.

In early 2014 he released the first in a series of poetry collections available initially exclusively on amazon Kindle formats. These ebooks collate picks of Koopa Nut's work from throughout 2012 and 2011 respectively, and demonstrate his literal dexterity and desire to express himself. All of which are available to buy here at Preciptoman.

Adventures Of... is always at the centrifugal epicentre of Koopa Nut's work, other exploits are all methods that are vital to his artistic reputation, and also serve as invaluable tools to further sharpen his pen and production values for the next ADV venture.


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