04/08/14 - No. 1
Now, I know what you’re thinking. Blogs are so 2011, well this is where myself and Preciptoman are to prove you wrong.

Really wrong.

(If you didn’t think blogs are so 2011, I apologise for making that wild assumption, and appreciate your willingness to read on this far after I have falsely claimed to have read your thoughts).

Where we may not be able to read minds, we are able to feed them, and right now the Precipto-Clan are getting fired up and ready to feed you a large slice of creativity with an opportunity to wash it down with a premium pint or a glass of red (or white).

I am of course talking about our fresh concept: Creative writing workshops for people who might not consider themselves ‘workshop people’, ‘the writing type’ or (the term of the century) ‘creative’.

 “Drinks, Thinks and Inks” combines the social aspect of drinks after work, with short, fun creative writing exercises for all. We have secured an awesome venue in The Proud Archivist and have a number of tickets available including the ‘queue’ jumping offer of pre-ordering your drink so it’s waiting for you on your arrival! Get yours HERE now, and spend the meantime looking forward to unleashing your own creative brilliance and meeting lovely new people in a relaxed, friendly environment.

It is with sadness in my heart that I announce that the final in our series of poetry evenings “Paper Cuts The Poet” is tomorrow (5th August 2014). This is due to a combination of factors, and since finding it’s home at The Lion N16 the night has seen some top London poets speak their words, and has gone on to provide an excellent opening stage and audience to many of our workshop students. Plus I myself have played some great tunes from behind those decks!

We would like to take the time to thank The Lion N16 for the use of their fantastic function room and for being such gracious hosts for the past few months.

The event itself is going into indefinite hiatus, however do not be surprised if something similar finds it’s way on to the Preciptoman events page before the year is through.

I suppose this blog is a blog of hello’s and goodbye’s, as we will also be shedding wistful tears this Saturday with our 6 Month residency with South Kilburn Studios drawing to a close. Yes, this is the last in the series of “Exciting Writing” - our free workshop series. This is one child that I know is difficult for both myself and Martin to let go of, but alas we have seen the wee bern come so far. Thanks to everyone who has come along, we have learned a lot through running these sessions, and have been blown away by your loyalty and astounded by your artistry.  We hope to see our regulars at some of our new events, and we hope you continue to share your work with us.

Neither a hello or a goodbye is required for Paper Cuts Radio however, perhaps a hi-five is in order as it continues to play the best in world alternative hip-hop, poetry and spoken word. The next show is this Friday and we have exclusive interviews from when we went to see Dean Atta at his poetry event Come Rhyme With Me. Tune in live on Friday 8th August at 8pm on Kilburn to Kensal Radio. You can catch up online with our previous shows right here.

Of course the latest hello has to go to this, The Preciptoman Blog. Here to keep you in the know, and to share things that you might like to hear about.

For instance, everybody has the potential to be creative, they may just lack belief or the opportunity to demonstrate it.

If you don’t like that (it’s a bit ‘thought of the day’) try: Staplers only tend to run out when I use them.

If neither of them float your boat I would like to share that my favourite animal is the Duck Billed Platypus. I have never seen one in real life and to my knowledge there is only one in the UK. It is dead, stuffed, and on display in a museum in Cardiff.

If none of these have worked for you, follow me on Twitter and let me know when I’ve said something you like.

Until next time Precipto-fans

Continue to be you.



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