14.07.15 - No. 10

We're joining Spotify - but we need you more than ever

After a long period of thought and conversation in the world of Adventures Of..., we’ve decided to put our latest album on Spotify (as well as other digital distributors).

For most this may be a no brainer, Spotify is the medium the majority of people use to listen to music. And perhaps we’re way behind the curve now Apple Music has arrived. So be it.

The conversations we have had about Spotify centre around two really important issues:

1. Capturing our audience
2. Receiving fair remuneration for our music

What do both of those mean? Aside from sounding kinda corporate and shit let's get into specifics. Capturing our audience.  We don't have a ton of fans, we have you and we'd very much like to keep you on board. It took us a long time for us to find you. We know what we do is pretty niche, and then equally so are you. We would both love to making a living from our craft through knowing who our audience is, and being able to focus and deliver projects that reach that audience is crucial. Current popular methods of streaming music simply don't offer that. We'd have no idea of who was listening, who else they listen to, what else they're doing while they’re listening and what else they do via Spotify et al. All we would have is a figure and perhaps some cash in our PayPal account. WHich isn’t bad, it’s great for two reasons, firstly we’d know someone somewhere was listening and we'd have a small bit of cash too (hard to specify how much but a safe average would be a gross of 0.007 per song).

But I'll be honest, just being able to stay in touch with you in a non spammy way is much more valuable to us. Explicitly, I'd prefer to give you our music for your email address.

Why? Then we can let you know when we've got more music you'd enjoy, let you know when our next gig is, what projects we're getting involved in that otherwise we'd have no way of sharing with you. And it works both ways,  you'd get to know us and if you start to think we're kinda crumby, you can tell us, leave us, tell your friends that these two guys aren't cool, or just forget us because life is hectic anyway.

And that last point is key. Most times when I stream music I might discover something great, but then it might very easily just pass me by, boom, life is quick, onto the next fix, skip, skip, skip, slip. And that’s a shame.

We figure that by using different models of delivering our music to you we can build a strong, two way, healthy relationship. Sounds nice, right? “But why cut your nose off to spite your face?”, I hear you say. “Go where the crowd is”...

Which brings us into the second point. Receiving fair remuneration from our music. We’re not interested in the crowd, and frankly, they’re not interested in us. We aren’t for everyone. We’re not easy listening. Streaming services work really well for some people, and that’s excellent. It can bring in money that fuels your lifestyle and creative career. That’s brilliantly positive. We’d love that for ourselves, but we have had to choose our battles, what we’d prefer - and what we’d prefer is to know who you are, to see you at gigs, and to make sure our music always finds you - that you don’t have to work hard to find out about it. There are inherent immediate costs in creating and releasing music that we try very hard to keep down while not damaging either the music or the friends whose livelihoods we want to support in some small contribution. Love Sick has so far cost us around 400, that figure will go up and isn’t completely accurate - I’m playing the cost down a bit so as not to add up the small things that generally really do add up. In an ideal world we’d cover the cost of Love Sick and use the excess to fund the next album. Let’s call two album on a stringent budget and small run 1000. Depending on streaming alone we’d need around 142,000 individual streams. Now we’re flattered to have you listen to us and even more flattered that you’d like us to make more music, but we don’t expect you to only ever listen to just us, on repeat, until you draw your pension…

So we’re the super small guys.

And after a year of saying no to the big guns of streaming; seeing stronger value in directing our listeners to our own shop, where you can buy CDs, MP3s, lossless audio files and even stream our songs for free - we’ve decided to step closer to the crowd. To stand on the edges with a sign saying, “maybe a few of you, come over here, we think you’ll like our songs”. 

Love Sick is going to be available for streaming on Spotify, Amazon, Google Music.

What we’d love for you to do to for it to stay there:

If you stream Love Sick on these services please add it to playlists, share it with friends, blog about it, tweet about it, take a screenshot of it playing on your phone and put it on Instagram. Use the hashtag #ADVLoveSick. Email it to that one person who you think just might love it.

And then please tell us you’re streaming it, or join our mailing list. We’ll send you some music from me (Bernard James). If you don’t like forms, just DM us your email address on Facebook or Twitter. Our e-newsletters are monthly. It’s so so valuable for us.

We really haven’t decided how long we’ll use these services for, but if we can make it work for us with your support, we’ll stick with it. It’s not that we’re greedy, we just want to build a community, and if we had a few more people like you there’s a much greater chance that we can fill a room/bar/venue, and then we hugely increase our chances of getting the gatekeepers of those rooms/bars/venues to allow us to gig, for you, where you are.

So that’s what’s going on, and those are my thoughts on what we’re doing and why.

Nothing taken lightly, eh.

Thanks for all your support and greatness,

Bernard James


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