28/08/14 - No. 2
Is it just us or is the whole world shaking right now?

In the words of Jesse Spano; I’m so excited! Excited with good cause as another great couple of weeks roll on by for Preciptoman.

Since I last bared my soul to the internet we have had the pleasure of presenting two great workshops at the wonderful and gracious venue that is the Proud Archivist.Proud they should be and for good reason!

Drinks, Thinks and Inks has so far been a deep pool of creativity, both Martin and myself have relished in the opportunity to dive in headfirst leaving our life jackets on the quay for any real emergencies, and there haven’t been any, far from it! We have been wowwed by the work and thrilled by the response from our enthusiastic and talented attendees.

So as the groovy train that is Drinks Thinks and Inks gains momentum, I suggest you climb on board and try something different after work in the coming weeks. It’s creative, fun and definitely a workshop that appeals to people who think they aren’t into workshops, (those people and people who absolutely love a workshop too) so we look forward to seeing you there!

The boys Adventures Of… will be stunning the airwaves again tonight from 8pm with August’s second Paper Cuts Radio! I bet the shirt off my back it will be the standard mix of mind melting music, insightful guests dusted off with good times. If you don’t know where the weekends go, we can at least show you where they start!

Also I’ve heard on the grapevine that there might be an exciting announcement from the Preciptoman camp on the show, so hold your breath. Figuratively.

We’d also like to give a shout out to Locodia who hosted a fantastic launch event last night at one of our many spiritual homes, South Kilburn Studios. There was great music and a great atmosphere, we’re excited to see what happens next for Locodia and their awesome roster of musicians!

Well, there’s your catch up. Also worth mentioning that this week sees the 25th anniversary of the first airing of cult teen tv classic Saved by the Bell, a personal favourite of mine.
To mark this milestone I am going to list my 5 favourite episodes with a short description (via copy and pasted from Wikipedia), and the reasons why I like them!
These are in no particular order.

The Gift (Season 1 Episode 3)
Screech is hit by lightning and afterwards has the ability to see into the future, which Zack and Slater use to their advantage. Zack uses his power to place bets with Slater, including a bet that he would get an A on the history exam, but Screech's power wears off before he can help Zack cheat.
This is great purely down to one line, after Screech is hit by lightning he climbs back in through the window, at which point Zack says “Screech, are you okay? Are you alive?” He clearly is

Pinned to the Mat (Season 1 Episode 9).
Zack bets against a Valley wrestler named Marvin Niedick that Slater will win his wrestling match against Niedick. However, things go wrong when Slater decides to quit wrestling. Screech stands in for him, but he is not as built for wrestling as Slater is and does not do so well.
This is mainly memorable due to the amount of times the name Niedick is said. But there is a whole matter of business about gambling for a dirt-bike which is pretty ridiculous. I still can’t believe Niedick thought he would beat AC, and put something as valuable as his dirtbike on the line. The other thing is, he is hoping to win Zack’s dirtbike. Obviously Zack doesn’t have one, but if he did Niedick would then have 2 dirtbikes…Why would you want that? You can only ride one dirt-bike at a time, why didn’t Niedick wager his dirt-bike against something else, like Zack’s then valuable mobile phone.

The Game (Season 3 Episode 4)
Zack bets Mr. Carosi that if he wins a volleyball game, Zack can buy his car. However, Zack's team is short of a player when the star player Gary is injured.

A classic Bayside Summer Holiday episode. The gang are all working at the Malibu Sands beach club and this episode just takes me back to Saturday mornings in the summer. It also features a beautiful red convertible car which I would totally play a match of volleyball for.

Student Teacher Week (Season 4 episode 2)
The gang switch roles with the teachers during Student-Teacher week with Zack acting as Principal, Kelly as a history teacher and Screech and Lisa as gym teachers. However, things go wrong when Zack is caught in the middle between Kelly and Slater and must decide what the right thing to do is.

I really like this one for the newfound respect the gang have for each other and for teachers in general. It’s a standard example of SBTB episode to me, it was a tough decision between this one and “The Mamas and the Papas” (Season 1 Episode 12), but I went for this one as I already have loads from Series One, and that episode does play very heavily on male/female stereotyping and seems a bit dated in principle now. This episode is timeless.

King of the hill (Season 1 Episode 15)
Zack starts high school hoping to finally win his longtime crush, Kelly Kapowski, the prettiest cheerleader in school. However, the new transfer student, A.C. Slater, makes a play for her, resulting Zack and Slater fighting over Kelly.

This was the original pilot, not the original pilot for the original show “Good Morning Miss Bliss” but the original pilot for the incarnation that is Saved By The Bell. This was supposed to be the first aired show too, but for whatever reason it wasn’t scheduled in until 14 episodes had been aired. This is where Slater first rocks up to Bayside and all of the characters are introduced. You might be wondering how do they do that without it being a bit weird. Well, they don’t do it without it being weird, basically they justify it by having Zack overdub the first few seconds of the show with “I'll never forget the day Slater showed up”, then just play it out.

For now I just want to wish you a great Bank Holiday Weekend and urge you to stay in touch with us @preciptoman,

let me know your favourite episodes or moments or check out this video where the original cast of California Dreams awkwardly reform and perform their theme song.





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