10/10/14 - No. 3
Hello everyone,

My name is LeBop, and as of today I'll be manning the Preciptoman blog to update you with the latest happity-happenings going on here.

You're probably wondering why I have been handed the role of Chief Blogger, so I will give you a brief run down. They asked me to.

Here's a slightly longer run down - I've known ADV for about 8 years, we met when they asked my group to perform at a night that they hosted called Monday Mic, and the rest, as they say, is history. I've always liked to be involved in Precipto-plans, and the offer was made for me to basically be the Ron Burgundy of the label and keep you updated with the news here. Just to pre-warn you, I enjoy terrible puns, so you'll just have to DWI, sorry.

So, here's what has and is happening since the last update that Koops did a while ago.


After what seems like forever since the last time ADV released an album, Love Sick has finally been recorded with Bernard James in the last few stages of mixing before it's sent for mastering. It's shaping up to be a cracker, and you can check out the great review for the latest single Where We R written by the talented Paul Bailey over HERE. He absolutely hits the nail on the head when describing the sound that the guys have evolved into.


The show has been going from strength to strength and is now in the top 10 most listened to in the Underground Hip Hop charts. A huge congrats to Koops and Bernie J for their achievement, and before long I'm sure it'll get to that number one spot (said in Ludacris voice). They continue to bring in awesome guests, awesome songs, awesome bants, and an awesome freestyle. So all in all, pretty awesome.

Here's a date for your diary too - November 15th, it's the Paper Cuts Birthday Party... And you're all invited! It is taking place at Kilburn 2 Kensal studios and it will be full of live music and cheerful people enjoying said music and the birthday atmosphere, it'd be really rather cool if you came too. Grab your ticket HERE.

Now for my WHAT'S LEBOP GOT ON section where, fortunately for you, is where I get to tell you about who I'm currently listening to on Spotify, and not my general attire. Ok, fine. I know you're all now wondering what I am actually wearing, so... it's a blue v neck tee and some Nike shorts.

Anyway, back to my recommended listening for you guys. You might know her from being Robert Pattinson's latest squeeze, but FKA Twigs released her new album not long ago and it is pretty damn good.

With no formal genre classification, it's basically R'n'B done properly for the present time. For me, R'n'B hasn't really been that great since the early 2000s, with the exception of one of my favourite artists - Frank Ocean. But FKA Twigs gives a real British, spacious and eerie sound whilst twinkling her harmonies effortlessly. Check out the link for my favourite track of hers here, which is called Lights On.

Right, that just about does it I think. I'm off to nurse this self inflicted day long hangover after Koops and I downed too many fine ales at the local Beer Festival.

Until next time,


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