09/11/14 - No. 5

Tuesdays – Drinks, Thinks and Inks at Proud Archivist
15th November – Paper Cuts 1st Birthday, and Adventures Of… “Love Sick” album release at K2K Studios, Kilburn

Evening all, lebop here.

Today has been filled with remembrance, for those who made the ultimate sacrifice throughout the years for this country. There have been a few members of my ancestors involved in war, but none of which were alive when I was old enough to talk stories of heroism and loyalty. However, I have spent today thinking of a good friend of mine who sadly passed away in Afghanistan back in 2009 after being deployed with the RMPs. One night, he’d volunteered to go out on patrol with another unit, just to get involved and do his bit. Unfortunately that was the night he was taken from us, the hardest part for his friends and family was that it was due to friendly fire. So today I am remembering the great times I had with a friend I met in college, who taught me how to ‘drink properly’, who drove us to some adventures I’ll never forget, and had an impact in my life like no other. Today I remember Lance Corporal Michael Pritchard, as well as all of the men and women who have died having shown more courage and bravery than I ever could.

Ok, so what’s been going on here at Preciptoman? Well, glad you asked.

Drinks, Thinks and Inks made its return last week on Tuesday, and continues its creative run every week on Tuesdays over at The Proud Archivist in Haggerston. Make sure you head down, get your head down writing, and down a few cold ones with some new inspiration from like-minded fellows! Tickets can be found HERE.

Paper Cuts Radio show stormed the airwaves on Friday 31st and brought the best of underground hip hop, spoken word and world music to your ears. Oh, didn’t catch it? Well you can go over to the Mixcloud page here and listen again! Definitely worth the listen, especially if you’re hipster and want to hear some great acts before they get famous just so you can brag to your circle of friends about ‘how you knew of that artist before they ‘sold out’’.

Don’t forget, the Paper Cuts Radio 1st Birthday Bash slash Love Sick album release on 15th November at South Kilburn Studios! Live performances from some great acts, featuring none other than your boys Koopa Nut and Bernard James, that’s right ADV will be shutting things dooooown! – and not just at the end of the night when everyone leaves and they’re left to clean empty beer bottles and bacon Frazzles off the floor, I’m talking in the awesome performance sense. More info on that bad boy HERE.

Saands of Time the short EP that yours truly produced is getting some great feedback, I’m very grateful to those who have voiced their opinions of it. You can still head over to my bandcamp HERE to listen and let me know what you think of it at @lebopnik on Twitter.
Now, it’s that time again – What’s lebop Got On?

It has been quite difficult this week to choose, with the release of Run the Jewels 2 predominantly garnering the attention it definitely deserves, and I am hoping that you will have heard some, if not all of it. If this is new to you, or you were just unaware, you can download it from their site www.runthejewels.net for free! So go get that anyway and I’ll tell you about something else I have had spinning.

So this week I’m going to give you two tracks that I love.

Last Christmas, I gave my heart to a producer called Ryan Hemsworth. He then went on to make the song for the Very.co.uk advert which had Fearne Cotton and a load of people stuck mid motion whilst the camera panned all over the place around them (remember it?). But it has taken until now for him to release an album, of which some might find a little bit out there, or maybe, like me, you’ll find it intricate and identify the perfectionism this master craftsman takes to create noise. It’s a mixture of Trap, chillout, ambient, R’n’B elements, but ultimately for me it has an originality, a real shine. Here is his track which for me is the standout on the album. It is called Snow in Newark.

The other artist I just put on my iPod is Logic. A hip hop artist name that I imagine hundreds have, but this particular Logic’s album, Under Pressure, is listening gold and you can fill your headphones with it under your woolly hat this winter. Apparently it has been a long time coming for this emcee, although for me he had totally not been on my radar. I recently described the album as ‘the poor man’s Good Kid Maad City’, which I now take back because it certainly holds it’s own. A lovechild flow of Kendrick and Gambino that meanders through tales of his life, entwined with beats submerged in butter and gravy, it genuinely forms for perfect listening. Too hard to choose one, so check out Bounce, and Metropolis, and you can thank me later.

Well friends, until next time,



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