01/03/15 - No. 8
Hello all,

Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas/New Year/Valentines/Pancake days since the last blog post. I do apologise that it's taken around two months to put something new up, but be ready for this update because it's kinda big.

Around this time one year ago, Bernard James and I were locking horns in the midst of a friendly beat battle, which flowered into what you might remember as The Great British Beat Off. For around 12 consecutive weeks, we took an hour on a Wednesday to create tracks in an hour time frame and have them judged by the public, annoucing the winner of each battle by that weekend.

See here's the clever bit, we were actually testing the water to see which beats people would enjoy, so that we could form the foundation of a brand new project on Preciptoman. 'The Honours' was born. A new collaboration between Bernard James and myself, taking all the best beats and binding them with some freshly baked lyricism. The album has been in the works for around 11 months now, with 85% done and will hopefully be wrapped up very shortly.

In the meantime, The Honours took part in the RPM challenge. An international contest, which focuses mainly on trying to break down creative blocks, speed boost inspiration, and have a final product in the form of an EP or album - all in one month. Every part is to be done in the month, the writing, recording, mixing, artwork, etc. So, whilst we had been eager to finish up our EP by the deadline (the end of February/yesterday), illness and life got in the way, as per. However, we will be putting it up for free download within the next couple of weeks in the lead up to the album release which will (fingers crossed) be soon after.

Proof that the EP is real and not just a hilarious hoax comes in the form of the EP artwork.

So here it is, The Honours - Nothing for the Sake of it. Due out mid-March and will be available for free download here at Preciptoman.   

the honours, nothing for the sake of it, image

Until next time, (I promise it won't be as long as before).



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