11.01.16 - No. 11

David Bowie

On the morning of discovering David Bowie’s death, I played my favourite music of his and then went to work. I can’t imagine I’m alone. It’s tragic news. The loss of any icon is gutting.

I was worried that talking about the death of David Bowie as Bernard James, or Preciptoman, would be crass. I'd like people to read my thoughts, but when does that cross over into exploiting the dead? There seems to be a race with musicians and celebrities on social media regarding who can comment about a celebrity death quickest. Who can say RIP the first. As if it's a qualifier for their own artistry.

However, I know that when you feel sad, realising you're part of a community that's feeling sad together is important.
Bowie was and is a motivation for me to continue dedicating myself to creating sound, to crafting music as best I can in hope of gaining a clearer reflection of myself. 

All too often, it’s easy to get caught in a trap of not remembering how short life is. I feel realising the position other’s were able to reach before you is a rude awakener. There’s always a lot of work to do, and no one needs to say "it’s important" for you to find it the most valuable thing you could do.

Peter Gabriel, Nick Cave, David Bowie, Tom Waits.

Four musicians I am in awe of.  

David Bowie album of choice: Heathen.

Create. Make. Explore.

Bernard James


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